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Hatch more profit with iHatch


B.M.C. ↔ Hatchery ↔ Farm

• Now, You can have the complete traceability of different families sent by brooder multiplication centre (B.M.C.)

• Comparing different families performance at hatchery and farm level, you can share this data with B.M.C.

• Next time ask B.M.C. for the better performing families brooders

Comparative analysis - B.M.C.


• Do you know the best performing brooders belongs to which B.M.C. ?
• Well, ihatch has the answer :
We can give you comparative analysis of -

» Average no of eggs spawned per animal

» Eggs to nauplii fertility

» Nauplii to PL survival rate

Inventory Management

• Control of Dead Stock

• Section and Godown wise stock maintenance

• Status of the stock at every stage

• Feed Management like available Feed and total Consumed Feed as on date

Business Intelligence Reports

  • 60+ Business Intelligence Reports proving to be a great aide to your business
  • Reports for core hatchery functions (Brooder Import, Maturation, Nauplii, LRT, Water Management, Algae Production, Artemia Production)
  • Reports on Inventory Management and Distribution of Inventory across various sections
  • Minute details of Sales, Purchase, Accounts (payment and receipt) and Employee Management helps preparing an exhaustive report
  • Batch comparison report of Brooders performance imported from different B.M.C.
  • Traceability report will act as a game changer for your business

Welcome to iHatch

21st century, an era when minutest of things are going digital, aquaculture, India's important economic activity should not remain at the back seat.

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iHatch - Super Saver Specialities

Time Saver

Taking Quick Decision.

iHatch is a boon which will allow Hatchery professionals to do their tedious task just in few clicks. More over easy access of data through Smart Phones helps in taking quick decision. You can carry your office wherever you wish to...

Money Saver

Great Money Saver.

Correct data at correct time helps into managing of things well, be it inventory, feed or water. No risk of under or over stocking proves to be a great money saver...

Manpower Saver

Required to be Employed.

It simplifies the task of an individual thus increasing his or her ability. More responsibility can be handled by an individual thus lesser number of manpower is required to be employed...

iHatch - Functionalities

iHatch is an integrated solution which will integrate the hefty paper works required to be done by hatchery professionals. Its functionalities can be identified from the beginning to the end of the hatchery task. The entire life cycle of shrimp (Brooder Maturation – Nauplii – PLs) is recorded minutely to enable easy flow of task.

It starts with import of brooder from the Brooder Multiplication Center (B.M.C.)...

Data Maintenance of Brooders received from same or different BMCs to enable batch comparison and traceability...

Once they are shifted to Maturation tank track of feed, growth, water parameters and mortality is recorded...

Data maintenance of each Larva Rearing Tanks like quantity and stage of animal, artificial feed given, Algae pumped in, water analysis and treatment...

Helps maintaining the data pertaining to egg production and Nauplii production after close and vigilant observation...

The tedious and pricey task of Algae production and Artemia hatching is closely recorded...

Financial Data Compilation at each and every stage. Purchase of feed from supplier to sale of seed to farmers etc...

Inventory Management for each and every process in hatchery is maintained, from medicines given to plumbing or electric aid needed...

iHatch - Features

Daily Management Processes

The daily task can be carried out in a systematic process which seems a distant dream now...


Right from egg spawning to conversion of egg into Nauplii and then PLs along...


iHatch ensures identifying the real time expenditure...

Time Management

Tasks which involved lengthy procedures can now be completed as stipulated time period...

Work Disputes

Integrated data guarantees that each one gets access to required...

Reporting (CAA Report)

Quarterly report required to be submitted to Coastal Aquaculture Authority...

Comparative Analysis

The performance of brooders from different batches and BMCs can be easily compared...


As tracking of performance is possible in each level employee performing...

User Friendly

The software has been designed by continuously keeping end users in mind...

iHatch - Advantages

No more loss of data due to negligence of employees
Ceases Wastage as no over or under stocking is made.
Lesser use of papers makes it an Eco Friendly operation.
Integrated Work Approach leading to no more work in silos.