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iHatch - About Us

Everything you need to know about our Company

NUCON TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS is the technology consulting firm and unique pathfinders in technological operations concerning with information technology. We help our clients to meet their varied IT needs since 2009.

We came across the domain of Shrimp Hatchery couple of years back as we are associated with aquaculture since many years. We have decided to have our own hatchery, so we started learning about hatchery and realize the need of the Information Technology in this domain.

We have observed that all the activities were done manually hence resulting in miscommunications and mismanagement and ultimately financial loses. All the departments, be it Maturation, Nauplii, LRT, Admin etc. were working in silos resulting it difficult to manage.

We have started learning about hatchery functionalities and problem faced by them with the help of many hatchery consultants. After two years we were able to come up with the solutions.

While learning we not only solve the daily operation problem of hatcheries but we came up with the concept of comparative analysis and traceability that will change the fate of the whole aquaculture industry.

We believe that this product will help the whole aquaculture industry immensely to achieve what they have been looking for over the years. Hatchery owners, farmers, dealers, feed producer etc. will be benefited directly or indirectly. What will be the most satisfying for us is the fact that India will able to export more sea food and will bring more foreign currency and helping Indian economy as a whole significantly.

Our Vision.

We want to have complete traceability from PPL (Parent Post Larva) to CPL (Commercial Post Larva) in order to mitigate risk and improve performance.

We want shrimp aquaculture industry to be a big driving force for our country's economy. We want to empower aquaculture professionals (N.B.C. , B.M.C. , Shrimp Hatchery, Shrimp Farmers) with the help of Information Technology.

Our Mission.

Our Mission is to have the maximum penetration of Information Technology (I.T.) in aquaculture to support our vision.