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iHatch - Functionalities

iHatch - Functionalities

iHatch is an integrated solution which will integrate the hefty paper works required to be done by hatchery professionals. Its functionalities can be identified from the beginning to the end of the hatchery task. The entire life cycle of shrimp (Brooder Maturation – Nauplii – PLs) is recorded minutely to enable easy flow of task.

It starts with import of brooder from the Brooder Multiplication Center (BMC).

Data Maintenance of Brooders received from same or different BMCs to enable batch comparison and traceability.

Once brooders they are shifted to Maturation tank track of feed, growth, water parameters and mortality is recorded.

Data maintenance of each Larva Rearing Tanks like quantity and stage of animal, artificial feed given, Algae pumped in, water analysis and treatment.

Financial Data Compilation at each and every stage. Purchase of feed from supplier to sale of seed to farmers etc.

Helps maintaining the data pertaining to egg production and Nauplii production after close and vigilant observation.

The tedious and pricey task of Algae production and Artemia hatching is closely recorded.

Inventory Management for each and every process in hatchery is maintained, from medicines given to plumbing or electric aid needed.