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iHatch - Features

iHatch - Features

Daily Management Processes
The daily task can be carried out in a systematic process which seems a distant dream now. Be it managing the inventory or keeping stock of feed each task is done in a methodical order.
Right from egg spawning to conversion of egg into Nauplii and then PLs along with its growth pattern is monitored keenly. It helps in tracing the performance and conversion rate of the batches. This will also allow hatcheries to make the appropriate choice of batch and quantity while raising next order.
Business Intelligence Report
iHatch is capable of generating more than 60+ Business Intelligence Reports proving to be an aide to your business. It includes reports for core hatchery functions with respect to each department. It begins right from Brooder Import, Maturation, LRT, Water Management, Algae Production, Artemia Production to reports on Inventory Management and Distribution of Inventory across various sections.

Even the minute details of Sales, Purchase, Accounts (payment and receipt) and Employee Management helps preparing an exhaustive report.

These reports are then forwarded for the Batch comparison report of Brooders performance imported from different B.M.C.

Last but not the least the Traceability report will act as a game changer for your business. Now ask for better performing family from B.M.C. and excel with iHatch.

iHatch ensures identifying the real time expenditure. Data as minute as per day Expenditure to as complex as Cumulative Expenditure can also be accessed very easily.
Time Management
Tasks which involved lengthy procedures can now be completed as stipulated time period. The integrated data prevents the need of making calls and manual transfer of papers, thus enabling proper management of time.
User Friendly
The software has been designed by continuously keeping end users in mind. The format is very simple and easy to operate. Any individual who is capable of operating social networking sites like Facebook can operate the software without any hassle.
Data Security
The control of each input data is in the hands of admin. Admin has all the rights to hide or secure the data with the help of passwords. He\she also has the right to distribute the level of data access to an individual.
Work Disputes
Integrated data guarantees that each one gets access to required information leaving no space for mistakes which may result to work dispute.
Reporting (CAA Report)
Quarterly report required to be submitted to Coastal Aquaculture Authority can be efficiently prepared within some clicks. It leaves no scope for delay in submission of report.
Comparative Analysis
The performance of brooders from different batches and BMCs can be easily compared. This will help in taking further decision as to which family will be the best.
As tracking of performance is possible in each level employee performing the task can be made accountable for the task well done or error made.
Data Availability
App version of iHatch will prove to be very beneficial for Sales executives. Access of right data at the right time will help them take a quick decision. This will lead to better service to your customers than any other Hatchery. Moreover your executives will have ready answers to all the queries of farmers.